The Sequestered Chef is run by partners Liz and Alex. In the before time, Liz was a documentary TV producer and Alex was a professional chef. When all production shut down and restaurants closed, they drank some wine and hatched a new plan for their future. It was not a great plan.


Meanwhile they were figuring out how to live in this new, scary world and Alex was making lots of amazing food and Liz was sharing it with neighbors. Then they had a bit more wine and after 2 more mediocre plans, they came up with the idea for The Sequestered Chef because by that point, they were kinda already doing it.


So Liz watched a lot of video tutorials and taught herself how to build this very website. And Alex cooked. And Liz did no cooking but did have stickers made that say The Sequestered Chef because stickers! And now you’re caught up.


Chef Alex LaBorwit is a dedicated, culinary professional with twenty-five years of high volume, high-end restaurant and catering experience.

Starting as a dishwasher and working his way up to the position of Executive Chef, Alex has cooked alongside many notable, award winning Chefs including Mark Miller, Wolfgang Puck, Marcella Hazan, Robert Kinkead, and Giulliano Bugialli. Most recently Alex  worked in executive roles at Joan’s on Third, Wolfgang Puck Catering, The Huntington Library and The Paley.

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