We’re Liz and Chef Alex and we created The Sequestered Chef, a mash-up of a take-out restaurant and a caterer, born during the shutdown of 2020 located in the Melrose/Fairfax area of Los Angeles. 


When all restaurants switched to take-out, we noticed that by the time we got our food home, it often wasn’t as good as when we'd eaten it in the restaurant. Sometimes it was gloppy or soggy or just blah. Why?


Because most high-end restaurant food is designed to taste amazing right when it hits your plate. It’s not made to travel and eat later. But catering works differently.


During his years working as a high-end caterer, Chef Alex learned to create menus and recipes designed specifically to travel, so when you reheat it at home, it's perfect. 

Why order from The Sequestered Chef? Because the food is amazing. Full stop. It’s a 5-star meal made by an Executive Chef with 30 years of experience who is cooking specifically for you. 

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