Is a 5-star chef cooking a meal just for you? Yes.

 Is your food being made in a crowded kitchen? Nope. It's just the Chef making your meal to order.

Are you picking up the food in front of his carport? Yes.

Is the food amazing? Oh, yeah.


Dine Differently

Chef Alex and Liz

We’re Liz and Chef Alex and we run The Sequestered Chef, a mash-up of a take-out restaurant and a caterer, born during the shutdown of 2020. 

Chef Alex Laborwit of The Sequestered Chef

When all restaurants switched to take-out, we noticed that by the time we got our food home, it often just wasn’t as good as eating it in the restaurant. Sometimes it was gloppy or soggy or just blah. Why? Because high-end restaurant food is designed to taste amazing right when it hits your plate. It’s not made to travel and eat later. But great catering is different.

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During his years working as a high-end caterer, Chef Alex learned to create menus and recipes designed specifically to travel, so when you reheat it at home, it's perfect. 

Chef Alex in Kitchen

Why order from The Sequestered Chef? Because the food is amazing. Full stop. It’s a 5-star meal made by an Executive Chef with 25 years of experience who is cooking specifically for you.

To read some of our rave reviews

Chef Alex LaBorwit has worked as an Executive Chef at some of LA’s best restaurants. Now he is bringing his skills to this new endeavor. For more about Chef Alex 

Alex Mask in Kitchen

Chef Alex cooks alone, limiting the numbering of people coming into contact with your food. For more about our safety protocols


To try The Sequestered Chef (TSC), place an order on our website the day before you want it. We take orders til midnight! Pick up your order the following day in front of our carport anytime between 11am-8pm. Just let us know your approximate arrival time when you order. You can change that time later by texting us. 

You pick up your food at our carport next to 7621 Waring, on the north side of the street, between Curson and Stanley.

No need to stress about parking.

It’s so easy!

When you arrive, all you need to do is pull up in front of our carport and text us at 



Or, ring the super-secret doorbell on the carport post.

Your food will be brought out to your car and placed in your trunk.

 (please don’t ring the doorbell of the home at 7621 Waring. That isn’t us.)

Here's how to find the super secret doorbell.

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carport MED arrow.png
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Does all this sound a bit different? Yeah, we know it does.

But these are strange times.

Let’s eat well.

Ready to try it?