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The Sequestered Chef wearing a mask

We’re Liz and Chef Alex and we run The Sequestered Chef, a mash-up of a take-out restaurant and a caterer, born during the shutdown of 2020 located in the Melrose/Fairfax area of Los Angeles. 


When all restaurants switched to take-out, we noticed that by the time we got our food home, it often wasn’t as good as when we'd eaten it in the restaurant. Sometimes it was gloppy or soggy or just blah. Why?


Because most high-end restaurant food is designed to taste amazing right when it hits your plate. It’s not made to travel and eat later. But catering works differently.


During his years working as a high-end caterer, Chef Alex learned to create menus and recipes designed specifically to travel, so when you reheat it at home, it's perfect. 

Why order from The Sequestered Chef? Because the food is amazing. Full stop. It’s a 5-star meal made by an Executive Chef with 30 years of experience who is cooking specifically for you. 


Chef Alex cooks alone limiting the numbering of people coming into contact with your food. For more about our safety protocols

Check out some of our reviews

Reviews for The Sequestered Chef
Reviews for The Sequestered Chef

Reviews for The Sequestered Chef
Reviews for The Sequestered Chef


"We did a date night dinner and it was super romantic" -Judy M

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"There should be sonnets written about Chef Alex's Mac n Cheese"-Cindy

"Best Vegan Takeout in the area"-Lisa R

"What a discovery this was! My life has gotten a lot easier and more delicious.The menus are spot on, the quality of food is impeccable and the taste is so good!-Micki S

There is really nothing about The Sequestered Chef that isnt 5-star...Every single bite was heaven. The food was perfectly made and pick up could don't have been quicker or more simple

-Michael K.

Thanks for all the love LA FOOD LADY! Check her out on Instagram at @LAFOODLADY 

-The street has plenty of parking!!

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-Place an order the day before you want it. We take orders til midnight!

-Pick up your order the following day in front of our carport anytime between 11am-8pm.

-We are located in front of the carports at 7621 Waring Ave, Los Angeles CA 90046.

-When you arrive, text us and let us know

323-633-5100 or ring the super-secret doorbell on the carport post.

-Your food will be brought out to your car and placed in your trunk. 

(Please dont ring the doorbell at 7621 Waring.It's not us) 

Does all this sound a bit different?

Yeah, we know it does.

But these are different times.

Dine Differently.

Ready to try it?

Fried Drumsticks
Roasted Eggplant
Sweet Potatoes
Grilled Butternut Squash
Kale and Shaved Broccoli Salad
Roasted Root Vegetables
Roasted Carrots
Horseradish Mashed Potatoes
butternut squash soup
Roasted Broccoli

Some of our specials include whole roasted chicken, baby back ribs, daily homemade soup, brisket and plenty of veggie sides.

Post your pictures of The Sequestered Chef on social media and we'll find a way to love you back.



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Our pick up address is:

7621 Waring Av

Los Angeles, CA 90046

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