The Sequestered Chef offers easy, hassle-free pick up.  Forget about delivery. Those delivery APPs are a menace.  Come, pick it up. Picking up at TSC is fun. You ring a secret doorbell on a street with lots of parking and it turns out to be one of the best meals you've ever had. 

Walk on over, take a drive, clear your head, get some air.  

Pick up is the way.

The Sequestered Chef logo
Secret Doorbell wide
Secret Doorbell med
Secret Doorbell close up


-Pick up your order the following day in front of our carport anytime between 11am-8pm.

-Place an order the day before you want it. We take orders til midnight!


-Enjoy contactless pickup at our carport next to 7621 Waring.

-When you arrive, text us and let us know

323-633-5100 or ring the super-secret doorbell on the carport post

-Your food will be brought out to your car and placed in your trunk. 

-The street has plenty of parking.

Does all this sound a bit different?

Yeah, we know it does.

But these are different times.

Dine Differently.

Ready to try it?