Is The Sequestered Chef safe? Is it safer than other places? Less safe? Help! I don't want to get COVID-19 but I want a great meal.


The CDC says take-out food has a very low risk of spreading COVID-19 and scientist are learning more each day about how the virus spreads. What we can say for sure is that Liz and Alex take COVID-19 very seriously. They get tested regularly, wear masks everywhere, carry hand sanitizer and are strict about social distance. They are those friends who have gone a bit overboard with their safety protocols but are still likable. Alex is the only person preparing your food. He is healthy and testing negative for the virus. Liz is also healthy and testing negative but is not preparing your food. Alex has his CA food handlers license and he’s been a high-end professional chef for 30 years. This is the guy you want making your dinner in the after-times.